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Low Income Home Loans

October 12, 2018

If you have low income and are looking to get approved for a home mortgage loan. There are many programs available to help you get approved. Whether you are looking to purchase a new home or to refinance your existing home, with the following low income home loan mortgage programs, almost anyone can fulfill their […]

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Are You Eligible for a Home Loan

September 21, 2018

You have always aspired to build a home of your own, haven’t you? Well, several people live by this dream and work very hard to realize it. Home loans are a way to help all such people to pursue their dream of living in their own home. But not everyone is eligible for a home […]

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Getting a Better Home Loan Rate

August 10, 2018

Home loan rates are currently lower than they have been in quite some time. The large inventory available in the housing market combined with these low interest rates have inspired many individuals to purchase a home; either their first home or to upgrade to a better home. In order to save the most money possible […]

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Principles of Interior Design

July 14, 2018

Whether you are working with existing furnishings and fabrics or “starting from scratch” with an empty room, you should always use the elements and principles of design as a guide in choosing everything. The elements are your tools or raw materials, much like paints are the basics to a painter. The elements of design include […]

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